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Why is LiLokids your partner for sustainable, low-pollution children's furniture?
Children spent a large part of their time at home - while playing, eating, learning and sleeping. The quality of the room air in the children's room thus has a great influence on health and well-being. Toxic paints, adhesives, plastics, etc. are often part of cheaper children's furniture. These can be hazardous to health and cause allergies.

In contrast to low-cost furniture manufacturers, LiLokids uses only solid wood from European suppliers for its beds. Therefore, LiLokids child beds are stable and durable. Sustainable children's furniture is not only good for the environment, but also for the healthy development of your children. And do not forget: natural wood makes the room comfortable and cosy for the little ones.

What are our points of special attention with our childrens beds?
* Safely treated wooden surfaces: A healthy living environment from the beginning
* Solid pine wood
* natural materials for our accessories
* Stability
* non-toxic lacquer
* solid construction without glue connections